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For every Ocean's Eleven-type heist we see in the movies, there are a dozen stupid people who try to get away with breaking the law.  Here are some of the dumbest criminals from the last few months:

Rafael Chavez  took a woman on the worst "date" ever.  He pulled up next to a strange woman, pushed her into his car, drove off and raped her before taking her back home.  He made sure to give her his phone number before departing.  Well, he definitely heard from her again... probably not what he had in mind, though.

Some discretion is advised when seeking illegal items: that's the lesson this New Mexico woman learned when she posted a Craigslist ad looking for "Mary Jane". In fact, her ad was so blatant that the officer called his boss to make sure it wasn't another officer setting a trap!

This genius casually robbed a bank at gun point then hung out in a park for 40 minutes while he waited for the bus.  The cops caught him dashing to the bus, and when they ordered him to put his hands up the money literally fell from his pockets.  After that, the arrest went pretty smoothly and the culprit admitted his guilt.

This pervert must have forgotten about all the child pornography on his computer before taking it in for repairs.  Or maybe he just thought computer professionals wouldn't notice the thousands of images?  He probably just didn't realize it was illegal- except that he was already a registered sex offender.

If you're going to rob a store, try not to leave anything behind- especially your wallet.  That's what some guy in Texas did this week.  Believe it or not, he seems to have slipped off the radar for the moment, but authorities expect to have him in custody soon.

Don't you hate when you get stopped for a seatbelt violation, only to be busted for the 23 crack rocks you're hiding in your mouth?  Yes, that really happened, and you can read the full story here.

This woman found out that, if you're going to deny hitting three construction workers, you should wash their blood, skin, and orange vests off your windshield first.