The Best Strip Clubs in the USA


The Best Strip Clubs in the USA

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 Ah, the strip club. That secret indulgence that makes you feel special and dirty at the same time. We all have a strip club story, whether it be from a bachelor party, work party or maybe even a couples night. The girls are (ideally) good looking, fake boobs are abundant, drinks are flowing and you just spent this week’s paycheck in the blink of an eye. Here is a list of ten of the most iconic strip joints in the Continental US. Start mapping your summer road trip now.

Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen's Club1. Spearmint Rhino - Las Vegas, NV
Located on a forgotten street behind the Strip, the Spearmint Rhino is the premiere strip club in Vegas that sets standards all over the country. The 20,000 square feet of topless entertainment includes several full service bars, VIP rooms, stages and poles for your viewing pleasure. The Rhino prides itself on its discerning taste, which means that the "Rhino Girls are some of the hottest assets Las Vegas has to offer.

Scores2. Scores - New York, NY

This iconic strip club in lower Manhattan opened in the 90’s and set the stage for chain strip joints, having opened several other outputs all over America. It gained popularity with frequent shout outs on the Howard Stern show and rumored mob contacts. Scores is a favorite for celebrities in NYC for the lavish set up and strict privacy policies.

Mons Venus3. Mons Venus - Tampa, FL

One of the smaller strip clubs on this list, Mons Venus is a full nudity club which means that no liquor is served. Don’t fret though, there is plenty of action to be had in one of the VIP rooms in the back. Its owner is at the forefront of freedom politics, having founded the Voice of Freedom advocacy group to protect the rights of strip clubs in the area. How can you not support that?

Clubhouse4. Clubhouse - Dallas, TX

Two time winner of Exotic Dancers Magazine Best Nude Club of the Year has to mean something!  This BYOB club advertises that it has girls for every taste, so you know you’re in for some diversity, and is full nudity. Fun side activities include glow in the dark paint and his and hers lap dances.

Sapphire5. Sapphire - Las Vegas, NV
It goes without saying that Sin City would pop up at least twice on this list. Sapphire calls itself the biggest gentleman’s club in the world, which is bold statement, but that’s what Sapphire is all about. Free limo service from anywhere on the strip insures that you will make it back to your hotel safely. Full service bars and a huge stage are some of the main draws here, as well as the gorgeous cocktail waitresses. For a fun night out try out the VIP karaoke room. What could be better than naked chicks and karaoke?

Penthouse Club6. Penthouse
The name Penthouse is synonymous with the porn industry so it makes sense that there would be a strip club chain with the same name. Locations include New York City, Las Vegas, Detroit, Washington DC, Sauget, IL, and Denver, CO just to name a few. As a frontrunner in the adult industry, you can bet your g-string singles that these clubs live up to strict standards and customer service.

4play7. 4-Play Gentleman’s Club - Los Angeles, CA
Another all nude, no liquor strip club located in West Hollywood, 4-Play promises high quality model dancers who have posed for various men’s magazines. A favorite of celebrities, you can relax in the hand crafted leather banquets or shell out the big bucks for the all nude VIP room.

Hustler Club8. Hustler Club

With more than 15 locations, the Hustler Club rivals Penthouse with its franchise business. Larry Flynt build an empire with his Hustler brand and the various strip clubs live up to the name. With locations in NYC, California, Illinois, Louisiana and Paris, France, just to name a few, you can rest assured that Hustler is a booming business for good reasons. Hot girls, hot dances, hot clubs = Hustler gold.

Marys Club9. Mary’s Club - Portland, OR
For over 45 years Mary’s has been a staple on the strip club circuit. Half home town locals bar, half strip club, Mary’s has a jukebox, lotto machine and a one drink minimum. Their bar boasts over 25 varieties of beer and wine as well as a full service bar. This is place you want to hang with your buddies and not feel the pressure of the bigger luxury oriented strip clubs. 

Olympic Gardens10. Olympic Gardens - Las Vegas, NV

OK I know I’m biased to Vegas strip clubs but I had to throw a unisex club on the list for diversity’s sake. OG is the only strip club in Vegas that is actually on The Strip. The first floor is devoted to the lovely ladies of the stage, while the second floor is all male review. The perfect place for co-ed bachelor and bachelorette parties!

Elizabeth Kramsky is a writer and bartender living in Las Vegas who gets to witness first hand all the mistakes men make when trying to pick up women. She enjoys making fun of men who wear Ed Hardy, her dog Dexter, and Tom Robbins novels.

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